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Vision is comprised of many visual skills that must work together efficiently for a person to accurately gather and process visual information. Seeing clearly is a small part of what we need to have a good visual system. Vision is a learned process that helps us to derive meaning and direct our movement from the visual information we receive through the eyes. We believe that vision is trainable at any age. Neuroscientists have confirmed that the brain has plasticity or can be rewired and we can acquire new skills when presented with proper conditions or stimulation.

This is the basis of vision therapy (VT).
VT is a prescribed treatment program designed to improve visual function and performance through specialized visual activities. The overall goal is to alleviate the signs and symptoms of vision problems by improving efficiency and maximizing performance and comfort to improve the patient's quality of life. We perform a comprehensive eye examination prior to starting VT to determine your current visual status.

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Many people think of VT in a similar manner to physical therapy. Similar to physical therapy, the goal of VT is to help the brain relearn or enhance the use of various muscles and to better receive feedback about how the visual system is working . To do this, we may do things such as incorporating the use of prisms, lenses and 3D filters.

Vision Therapy is for children and adults of all ages. Vision Therapy can help with those who have issues focusing, suffer from eyestrain or headaches because of reading/computer use, have had a traumatic brain injury/concussion/stroke, or are just interested in having that winning edge when playing their particular sport.