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In light of the evolving pandemic, we are temporarily close until April 7, 2020.
All appointments 03/17- 04/07/2020 are cancelled.
We may be closed but we’re still here. We are just a phone call or email away if you have an ocular emergency. Keep the hospitals open for those who need it by contacting us first for your eye health needs. 

Please Call Dr. Hong at 650-888-8176, if you are having an eye emergency:  Flashes, Floaters, Sudden Vision Loss, Red, Itchy or Burning Eyes, Stye, Eye Pain, Recent Head Injury or Concussion, etc.

Email [email protected] with any non-urgent questions or concerns.

To Order Contact Lenses: Enjoy a 6-months supply* and FREE shipping, when you order 2 boxes or more.
Due to COVID-19 we are making an exception to the yearly exam rule. 
Qualified patients, who need contacts, but are unable to have an exam* 
Please order online here, 
[email protected] 

Exam and Vision Therapy Evaluations:  
[email protected]
Staff are working remotely to schedule or help with contact lens orders.

To Pick up Contact Lenses and Glasses: 
[email protected] 
Opticians can help to schedule pick-ups and deliveries
Monday-Friday by appointment only.  

Broke Your Glasses?
Although we are closed, we can still help! Email [email protected] and one of our team
will get back to you about options to assist in fixing your eyeglasses.

Virtual Vision Therapy (VVT) and Vision Therapy Inquiries:  
New or existing patients
Providing virtual vision therapy sessions and information.

When we are given the green-light to reopen business operations we will let you know here. Thank you for your patience during this interruption and hope to see you when we re-open, happy and healthy.

 FVC Doctors, Therapists, and Staff